Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being here. Without you a community cannot be formed and we hope that you will become a founder member.

The only criteria to be a member of the Inspired Purpose Inspired Network is to share our values and ambition which is to play our part in contributing to a more equitable and respectful society for the planet and all that live in her. Regardless where you come from or what you represent you will recognise (or want to) the synergies between things and want to be more connected with what and how we impact be that good and not so good. This is not a space for shaming, judging or discriminating but to enable, encourage and include.

So on that basis l welcome you again, to share, to learn and to create together.

All you need is to have access to a computer, however, if you know someone who doesn’t have access to a computer but you think would welcome getting involved, do let us know as we want to make ourselves as accessible for as many people as possible.

Due to our breadth of experience we have a lot to offer and so we focus on developing the right offer for individuals and organisations bespoke to them.

We have a model that aims to include as many people as possible to create mutual benefit for society and the environment.

We will support the collaboration of the members of the Inspired Purpose Inspired Network to come together in order to create opportunities for mutual benefit. We have many ideas but would welcome to hear from you about what offers and opportunities you think would be of benefit for people and communities. Equally if you have an offer you would like to share please do get in touch and let us know and we will support you to make it happen and shout about it here at the Inspired Purpose Inspired Network Pages. We will of course with your permission shout about it so you can demonstrate that you are a conscious Inspired Business and or Person.

We can even provide you with the Inspired Purpose Icon to add onto your website and a eco window sticker.

Our Model

Proceeds from paying customers contribute to subsidised and free offerings for people and groups who otherwise would not access them

How this works

  1. Payment by Corporates, Large Businesses and Public Sector Wellbeing Systems that contribute to
  2. Subsidised same quality bespoke service for small community focused and community not for profit business
  3. Free to people and community groups at point of access who otherwise wouldn’t

We are looking at developing a Community Interest Company to enable us to apply for grants etc to support the expansion of the community and environment offerings in the future.

We have already started by offering free Nature walks for people living in an around Abergavenny through teaming up with the Abergavenny Community Centre. Not only does it help people connect with nature and their environment it also supports physical and emotional wellbeing by taking time and refocusing upon points of interest, introducing the space for the introduction of mindfulness and a moment of stillness.

Due to the complimentary experience we have we can also provide time to help people to think about how they can apply what they have experienced during the walk within their daily lives.

In the Press

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