Our Offering

We work alongside individuals, communities, leaders and teams to be the change they want to see in themselves and their world.

Utilising a blend of coaching, leadership and practice experience, in conjunction with applied skills, theory and learning, we will work alongside you as you consider the important and challenging questions. Expanding your reflection of the impacts of decision making within complex systems, aiding you to making choices that not only meet your needs but co benefit society and the planet.

The Inspired Purpose Approach

The Services we offer

Coaching for Leaders

We provide a unique blend of systemic, executive and holistic coaching to enable leaders of all spaces to lead with inner confidence by developing their authentic leadership style, aligned to their own values and purpose whilst achieving their desired goals and ambitions.

We offer coaching and development for teams and partnerships. Our coaching for individuals focuses on a more personal holistic approach to you connecting with your truth and your purpose.

Climate conversations for conscious communities, public sector systems and groups

We support leaders, change makers and conscious communities with tackling inequalities and deprivation by considering the co benefits for people and the planet through conscious action in preventing and responding to the impacts of climate change upon local places, communities and people.

Highlights Include:

  • Coaching leaders and system groups
  • Holding space for collaborative conversations to take place
  • Create a culture of creative thinking and co benefits to take emerge across cross sections of the system
  • Co producing with people impacted and public sector leads¬†
  • Facilitating the creation of shared purpose
  • Providing leadership in the creation of the systemic infrastructure for conscious action.

Public sector and systems

We support strategic leaders to develop collaborative partnerships and help operational leads apply new approaches to improve their confidence, clarity and creativity.

Reconnect with your values in nature

There is a body of evidence that recognises the health and wellbeing benefits in reconnecting with nature.

Who you’ll work with

ZANDREA STEWART | Founder of Inspired Purpose

Passionate about challenging inequity and promoting inclusion for those often excluded from health and social care support, Zandrea has proactively supported the development of integrated approaches. These align different agendas and teams to create co-benefits, maximise resources and outcomes, and provide compassionate leadership and insights. As a result, Zandrea has applied her knowledge and values both nationally and locally, working alongside individuals, teams, and systems to create collaborative partnerships with the goal of improving outcomes.

With a love of nature, Zandrea is increasingly aware of the alignment between social and environmental justice and the impacts of climate change. Conscious of the need for systems to adapt, she has commenced an MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change to complement her social work, systems leadership, management, and coaching qualifications. This enables her to align health, wellbeing, and sustainability agendas for the benefit of people and the natural world. She is collaborating with skilled individuals who share her values and passion to improve outcomes and opportunities for all.

Zandrea’s professional interests include mental health, neurodiversity, social and health inequality, climate change impacts, and compassionate leadership. She is a coach, mental health professional, Shinrin-yoku practitioner, and former dancer and choreographer. She is a vegan who practises yoga and meditation, and her favourite place is in nature, sea swimming and walking. She loves music, painting, learning new skills, and engaging with new communities and cultures.

She strongly believes that all beings should experience respect and have the opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued.

“Zandrea is an insightful, positive and experienced coach. I have found the coaching focused, motivating and enabling. It has provided me with space to think and reflect and helped me examine big picture personal and organisational strategies as well as a confidential space to explore some of the more difficult smaller issues that affected my day-to-day role. I have found my time with Zandrea really beneficial, even as a very experienced leader and manager, developing my own resilience in a very demanding job. I am more accepting of myself and can focus on my strengths and what I bring.”

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